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2020-06-11 18:46:53 (UTC)

Body healing 💪🦵

Feeling much better today. Last week, I only did four workouts because my back was bugging me. Last Monday was my first workout this week and my back was still bugging me. So I took a few more days off. Today is Thursday and it's only my 2nd workout this week. I feel much better today. Back feels good and I worked out with no back pain.

Ordered my salad online for lunch once again at Jack's Urban Eats. It's so cool to walk in and the women working there knows me , don't even bother asking for my name, grabs my order and just hands it to me with a smile. I smile back too of course and thanked her. So even with my long hair, I'm still somewhat recognizable :) In and outta there in less than 15 seconds. Customers were standing there waiting for their orders thinking WTH?! haha.

Our workout list today. We did 50 sec on 10 sec rest. Round and round for an hr.
1) Jab, cross, then front kick with 5 lb weights in each hand. (Loved it.)
2) Crunches (Meh...)
3) High knees with resistance band above shoulders and pulling them to work on lats at the same time. ( Just telling myself "I will not puke I will not puke")
4) forward/reverse bear crawl ( Feeling the burn. Thinking I'm so glad I can walk upright. Must suck to be a real bear)
5) burpees ( The devil's dance)

Time still went by quickly so I know I still love it. I better not overdo it. I want to make sure I'm ready to rock when the gyms finally open. So that means I won't be doing too much jump roping till I'm for sure better. I will cut it down to no more than 1,000 jumps a day just to baby my back a bit more. Then it's extra foam rolling and stretching.

Got more good news! Just now found out another one of our gyms is opening up! Sorta closer to me so we shall see. I know it'll be like a TP rush so I may not even get to book a spot. Still patiently waiting for word on when my gym opens up again.

Also, I got invited into another FB group. Ex gym members from the Sunrise location that closed down due to leasing increase issues. I think they want to go hiking this Sat but at 8:30AM. Goodness gracious. That's when I wake up on a Saturday. Then there is the "laying in bed" ritual for an hr after I wake up so yeah... not sure if I'm gonna make that one. 😏
Last but not least... hair cut this Sunday!!! Hell yeah!!! Finally!!!! Goodbye 80s, hello whatever year I'lll look like afterwords!!

Life is good. Don't forget to smile everyone. Debbie Downers have left the building!!!

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