Carrie notes
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2020-06-12 02:35:15 (UTC)

Furniture Shopping

The air turned black all around me Tuesday afternoon. Why? I went furniture shopping at RC Willey with my aunt Carol. Granted I got some nice things for my new apartment. Yes, it was stuff I wanted, but the whole time she complained about having a bad hip. Oh and she kept trying to tell me what to buy.
It was not her money I was spending it was mine. Another thing the furniture isn't going to her house, it's coming to mine! Then came the lecture as to how I shouldn't change my payee because whom ever I find will take advantage of me.
Oh but that's not all the day before she kept blowing up my phone while I was in counseling. She insisted I needed to go shopping with her for my furniture. Not only that she wanted to know if housing needed to be around when I had my furniture was delivered. While she was throwing her fit I had her on speaker phone. My counselor heard every word she said. When it was all said and done my counselor asked if my aunt Carol needed counseling.