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2020-06-12 01:46:31 (UTC)

Mystery Solved! I Think...

In my entry, Another Question For Anyone Reading... I asked if anyone knew the name of a movie I saw as a little kid in the early 90's that had a giant spider in it. In fact, the reason I remembered it was partly because of the giant spider. I mentioned that I thought it was in medieval times and that there was a scene where a man died from getting run over by a tractor. Yikes! I clarified that since I thought this movie was in medieval times, that it could have been some contraption that plowed fields. I also said that I thought the movie could have been from the 80's.

I looked up movies with giant spiders and one from the 80's with one was a movie called Krull from 1983. I found it on YouTube and watched it. It's a pretty good movie.

What I didn't mention in my entry was that I remember people riding horses and there being cliffs. There are in Krull.

The movie is not set in medieval times. Krull is another planet. There are kings and queens, so maybe that's why I was thinking it was in medieval times.

Interestingly, as I watched it, there was stuff that I thought I vaguely remembered once I saw it - the Cyclops, for one, and the people having to get through the quicksand, as another.

What was not in the movie was the scene of the man getting killed by a tractor. Thank goodness, because I liked this movie and that would have ruined it! So, I think I saw a different movie with that scene close to when I saw Krull (if I actually did see Krull. Lol. There's evidence I have, but I can't be 100% sure.)

I googled man getting killed by tractor and a movie from 1991 called The Man in the Moon showed up. The scene was on YouTube and I watched it and it was horrifying! I don't ever want to watch that movie now!

Wow, nearly 30-year-old mystery solved, I think!

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