London Life
2020-06-11 22:42:11 (UTC)

Age UK / Topless lady pirates

Probably not the best idea after yesterday, but I did another run to help Age UK in Southwark who's garden hadn't been touched since the start of the lockdown. Actually it looked lovely and wild, but there were a lot of weeds and dead stuff to remove, and the grass did need a trim. Tim was there who I know, also Samantha who I met in Stockwell recently. The girl organising it was Charlotte and there was also another girl, with a shapely bum and legs. Charlotte casually mentioned her "sister''s girlfriend".

I took it slowly running there, following my Millwall route and coming out almost next to the building, a day centre not in use during the lockdown and with one staff member on site. This time I took an energy bar, had some water from a machine at the centre, got an energy drink from a corner shop and an Alpro coffee on the way back at the Co-op, so I managed to run back all the way to St Pancras. I was tempted by Leon at Moorgate which has re-opened. Borough Market was also open. I went via Blackfriars Bridge on the way and London Bridge and the City coming back.

Again it was nearly 17:00 when I got back. I sent Charlotte a picture but there's nothing online yet about today's or yesterday's tasks. After a rest we went up to the market to see if anything else had re-opened. It was quiet but we got a snack from Dirty Vegan then got some provisions from Morrison's, mainly to get a handful of ingredients for my lasagne, but the lockdown has turned us into people who get large amounts of stuff from supermarkets.

Despite the forecasts, the rain held off all day except at the start of my run. Maybe a butterfly flapped its wings somewhere and the Met Office missed it.

We finished watching the pirates documentary, which revealed that one pirate shop had two lady lovers on board, who wore trousers but according to temporary pictures, left their tunics unbuttoned, with no underwear, making it very obvious they were women...