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2020-06-11 20:36:08 (UTC)

Maxine x Violeta: Part 1:

The Morales Sisters
Maxine = Best friend
Violeta = Victim
Relationship = VioMax:
06-12-2020: Get a room:
(Violet's bedroom: Violeta is painting the picture of the Phoenix, and Maxine went upstairs)
Maxine: Vio, what are you doing?
Violet: Umm creating my Artwork!
Maxine: How pretty!
Violet: I'm gonna show to German to see my artwork!
Maxine: Umm yeah of course! (brings your artwork)
09-03-2020: Maxine and Margarita Fight:
Violeta: Is this the gothic club?
Maxine: Yeah it is.
(Margarita taps on the Maxine's shoulder)
Margarita: Maxine! You slept with my boyfriend is not good!
Maxine: How dare you to this to me! (throws cucumber margarita at you) Oops! I just kissed Brandon!
Margarita: (slaps) How dare you to me!
(Maxine and Margarita are fighting, but Violeta is taking a camera)

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