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2020-06-11 08:22:34 (UTC)

Mystical eyes 👁👁

I got inspired from a friend today so I felt like writing about eyes. It brought back memories. I learned as a teen that some people have some pretty powerful ways with their eyes. There are some people that can look at you from behind and you will sense someone looking at you. I met someone like that way way back as a teen. She'd be able to make someone turn around with her looking at you from behind!!! I know because she did that to me too.

We were teens and it was in the skating rink. I was a regular there and it was my little world with my skating clique being normal teens. Always hungry, always broke, not yet working at one point and was in every skating club there were in the rink. Roller hockey, freestyle skating, and the speed team. It was my heaven on earth. Sort of like how the gym is for me now.

Sorry for drifting but yeah. Good old days. Anyway, about her eyes. Nothing too significant physically. Just normal brown eyes and it was even slanted because she was Japanese. We became friends ( I ended up having a crush on her) and we would do couples skating at times where I'd be skating backwards and she forward so we were face-to-face like a regular slow dance. She was flirty too. But when we'd skate and we'd look at each other's eyes, It was like a blast of some unreal intense mesmerizing moment. The intensity of someone that can make you turn around looking at you from behind but now a few feet away looking straight at you? Mind blown!!!! I got the full effect of her devilish eyes piercing into mine.

That's when I discovered eyes were magical. Later on, I realized it was even stronger for me to feel was because I had this power too. I know it sounds stupid but I swear, I can do stuff with my eyes. No, I cannot burn things down like cyclops or levitate anything but I can do some things I don't talk about much.

This is why I could feel this girls eyes staring at me. You'd feel it already as a normal person. But when you have this thing with your eyes too, it magnifies the other person that has the same thing. So yeah, as a teen, I'd give it a try too. I too found out I could make someone turn around looking at their back!! Weird crap huh? And I wasn't high on anything. (Too poor for Maui Wowie back then and never got into any of that stuff anyway growing up.)

So I tried experimenting staring at someone's back and yes, I've been able to make them turn around. From a side view? Oh yeah, much easier as the power seems stronger when you are somewhat a little in contact with the person's eyes. But the full frontal blast? Yep, It brings them down to their knees. haha. I'm guilty. I've done it. We were teens so I'm sure hormones played a part in it too. But I did that to a couple of girls while doing the "couples only" skate and did the same with a full blast of my eyes piercing into their eyes. And yes, it had it's effects for sure.

That's when I knew. The power of the eyes. I can feel it even more from people with that extra power. I have it too. I'm careful about it nowadays. Sometimes at Jack's Urban Eats standing in a line 30 deep, I get bored. So while in line, I look around the seating area to see if any of my friends are there too. But of course, when there is a cutie, I sort of look a little teensy bit longer than I should. But even with over a hundred people there, noisy as heck because it's one big area, me being clearly across the other side of the eating area (maybe 100-150 feet away), I can have someone look back at me when I look at them. So yeah, I'd get busted looking at someone and forget I could do those things.

Just for fun at the gym, I've played around with it and did it a few times. Sometimes when we're doing some kind of team challenge at the gym, my teammate and Superstar friend tells me she can feel the intensity in me when I was cheering her on for her special event. One lady named Shushan was doing innocent flirting. Nothing more than that but she had a smile like Catherine Zeta Jones that I thought was cute. One day at the gym, she just told me that I was dangerous. haha. I knew what she meant. Just to ensure you folks, I'm not a perv or at least not that kind of a perv. I don't stare at people and imagine anything virtually dirty with them. I just sometimes like to play with whatever weird thing I have.

So nowadays, I take it easy. I don't stare at people for long and when we are in a conversation, I make sure I release my lock and look elsewhere from time to time. One day, when and if I find that special person, only she will get my undivided full power of my eyes making their way into her eyes and continuing into her soul.

Not today though. Today I wake up still tired as heck. Barely keeping my eyes open and only to type this message and to find my cup of coffee. I need a 2nd cup so now is a good time to post this I guess. Bye for now diary. It's been many years and this diary has been so healing in so many way. I get so many kind and heartfelt messages from people here too. Thank you all for the nice messages. I like reading them and they do make me smile.