Ramblings of a Cathy
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2020-06-11 07:12:50 (UTC)

I hold you for a million years To make you feel my love

My husband and I share a different kind of bond.
At first I didn't think it was love.... it was too different for love. It wasn't someone who had me captivated and under a spell. It was the complete opposite. He was, and is, someone rooted in complete reality. Someone who tethered me to the ground when I wanted to live in my own dream cloud. LOL
Someone who didn't love me as a hobby, or use me for their own gain, or want to mold me into something else.
He was Steven. Himself in every way, and willing to share in the present with me, for the person I am.
Who know our love would grow so densely and completely that we'd have 3 beautiful, radiant, children.
Who knew love could be so unconditional.