London Life
2020-06-10 22:11:26 (UTC)

The satisfying greenhouse

Last night we watched a BBC drama about the Windrush scandal, focusing on a man who'd legally arrived from Jamaica as a child, and the Tory Government were trying to deport him 50 years later. In this case he actually had all his paperwork. The government had to back down when it became public, as it was clearly not doing what people want. One actor in the film, played a major part as an NHS worker in the last play we saw locally before the lockdown.

I couldn't sleep, probably as I hadn't had enough exercise, until I read my Europe since 1500 book, which always tires me with so much information. I woke at 09:00, we had a cuddle and breakfast, but I had to get out to run 9km to Tottenham Hale for a gardening task, taking the back street route to Tottenham. After asking a sweet girl the way to the allotments, I got there one minute before the starting time, the gates were locked and no-one appeared to be there.

I texted Natasha but soon a nice young girl let me in and the others arrived - Steve L and a girl called Amy I hadn't met before. I was weeding in a greenhouse, which kept me out of the rain and was quite rewarding, as a lot of the stuff was dead and came off easily, though I didn't get to chat up Natasha and Amy. I did about 105 minutes which was about right and I managed to clear what looked a big mess before. I was told to remove everything but the vine.

Steve was disappointed a craft brewery was shut, so we parted and because it was next to the River Lea I wanted to run home that way, but I hadn't eaten since breakfast, had just run 9km followed by two hours gardening, so after 12km going home I actually gave up, and walked the last 3km instead. My shirt was wet and I was cold. I got an energy bar; maybe if I'd had one earlier I'd have finished the run - though I did do the equivalent of a two-part half marathon. Meanwhile Jack had got my repaired bike back from the shop.

As I'm running again tomorrow I soaked on the bath, but left the door closed and it was very hot, so I almost passed out after I got up, and I was thirsty all evening.

We watched part of a documentary about pirates, telling the stories of Captain Kidd and Blackbeard, who everyone's heard of but I hadn't previously known the stories behind them.