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2020-06-10 20:31:42 (UTC)

Andrea x Betty: Part 1:

Andrea - Victim: Sister of Alex, Brisa and Violeta
Betty - Bully: Nina's best friend
Relationship= BetDrea.

The Morales Sisters
San Antonio Hawks High School
San Antonio Hawks Cafe
San Antonio Hawks Library
San Antonio Hawks Restroom: Girls
San Antonio Hawks Principals Office
San Antonio Hawks Counseling Center
English Class
Chemistry Class
Betty's House
Andrea's House
Andrea's Bedroom
06-10-2020: Teach the Lesson:
Betty: Hey dumbass!
Andrea: You are so much in trouble!
Betty: As I just saying to you.
Andrea: Shut up!
06-15-2020: Washmouth:
(Andrea washes her mouth)
Betty: Hey slut!
Andrea: (rolls eyes)
06-29-2020: Nobody Likes you Andrea:
Andrea: This is all your fault!
Betty: I just teased you, because you are so ugly to me.
Maya: Can you please stop to Andrea?
Katie: Yeah Betty, don't listen to her!
07-01-2020: Spray Painting:
(Betty writes the graffiti paint on the walls)
Andrea: How dare you to this?
Betty: Well hold on Andrea, don't be so selfish to go on the spray painting before you!
Katie: Well Betty, go to hell.
07-07-2020: Principal Office Explanation:
Letty: Umm can you explain to Betty for a second?
Principal: Yes you may.
Letty: Don't you ever to bully Betty again
Betty: She was the worst student
Principal: Betty, Just stop.
07-16-2020: Andrea decided to leave Betty alone:
(Andrea is spraying some graffiti cans in the wall canvas)
Ms Cassie: Excellent Andrea. Your mission is to complete the graffiti drawings as soon as possible.
Andrea: Thanks Ms Cassie.
Mauricio: Andrea. Umm I have your artworks.
Andrea: Sounds great!

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