Do Not Disturb

2020-06-10 04:26:53 (UTC)

Baby Mama Drama

So you know Ivan the guy that I like well his baby mama works their and I think she knows that I like Ivan because she asked me but I just shook my head no. I did tell this other duded that I liked him but I didn't think he would actually tell him. Now I just wanna cry and and I just may quit my job because of it and get anothetr one just so their won't be no drama. But I'm not worried about it though because I have Al. We're officially dating. He only lives an hour away and he cares about me at lest that's what he's been telling me . I shouldn't have told anyone. Idk. I just wanna go home in my room and cry till I fall asleep. Sounds like a plan. At least I'm off tomorrow and Thursday.

- A

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