La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-06-10 03:57:59 (UTC)


My goodness it seems like am never alone!! Sometimes that's all I really need is a few minutes to my self without any body needing me. Funny how moms work always gets taken for granted. My daughter finally fell asleep after jumping on my bed for ever and asking me for milk, grapes, and yougurt I mean can I get a break for now is a never ending story... don't get me wrong I love my job as a mom the only thing is that after being stuck in 40tine mood for over 40 days can be a lil to much for all moms.
And finaly when I get my 5 minute milkyway moment am to tired to do anything I really enjoy doing like, reading a book or watch a good movie with no interuptions. But man is hard to keep up with my small family of 3. Hat's off to my mother who delt with 8 of us lil bastards. No wonder she would disappear on us once in while.
Mom's are the only ones who work 24/7 for real. Good night am beat.