London Life
2020-06-09 07:27:01 (UTC)

Easing the lockdown

Yesterday I heard I've made the live final of the tin-blowing championship, so I need to practise, mainly so that I can avoid the cans falling over when I blow them.

I started work early to reconcile Brenda's list, I had a know-the-team thing to watch about the wider AH, but I abandoned it half-way through to watch a virtual Dickens tour with Jack. It started off telling us things we knew about Bazelgate's grear sewer, the Water Gate and the Embankment, which we always like to hear, but then we found out things we didn't know about London (which is quite rare) - that Brunel built the original Hungerford Bridge - a suspension bridge - which wasn't mentioned in a television documentary about him we saw recently. Also that the original Adelphi was a series of arches along the old river front, with tunnelled roads behind them, one of which still exists.

I'd warned my boss I was going to lunch after the know-the-team thing because I'd been working on the reconciliation and the thing was at 13:00, though really so I could watch the Dickens thing, but it seems I missed a team meeting despite him sending me a message at 14:32.

I didn't have time to start the Top 100 before my week off so I'll have to do it all in my own time. We went to pick up my bike from the repair shop but it had closed at 17:00 so we got a coffee at Sourced, and went to both Waitroses. In between this we sat by the station, in the square and by the Canal basin; we were apart for a lot of the time, with his prescription and Gents', his shopping and then my Ladies', and we didn't get on until about 20:15.

I'd decided to rest my knee as I fell over on Euston Road and gashed it yesterday, but I was later thinking of doing 5 * 1km as an entry for the elimination race, but it took a while doing our meal so I stayed in, though I might just do it tomorrow (the deadline) on my way to a volunteering task.

There were noticeably a lot more people around St Pancras than a few weeks ago. The shops in Coal Drops Yard are going to start opening again soon.