My life
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2020-06-09 15:35:05 (UTC)

day 1

dear diary
today I made this account for an online diary. I know what u must be thinking. WHY. WEEELLLLLLLLL because of my life. its sooooooooooooooo BORED in QUARINETINE. SO DAY ONE SATRS AS USUAL waking up at 7 45 am then its exam time. so after school is over . I got a message from my teacher that thease people are allowed to go to webinar. FIRT OF ALLL she dosent know my talent of writing. well I guess it is my fault as well. I am too sensitive. but I don't want to admit it. my parents say whenever I say I don't want to be friends with this guy or that or when say I don't want ot be outside I get frustrated and that's what happended today. its just that I am not sensitive I WANT TO SHOW THE WORLD MY PASSION OF SINGING AND WRITING . BUT HOW U SAY WELL I JUST NEED SOME SSUPPORT . NOT A SPORTIVE PERSON, TECHY GUY. I JUST NEED A FRIEND WHO I CAN TRUST A FRIEND WHO CAN STAY SIDE BY SIDE WITH ME. A PERSON WHO WILL HELP ME IN ACHIEVING MY LIFE GOALS.