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2020-06-09 12:48:17 (UTC)

Always time to celebrate.

Today is my moms birthday!! She is 63 today. My dad's birthday would have been on the 14th they always had their birthdays a few days apart.
My oldest nephews birthday is today to. I remember the day he was born like if it were yesterday I was 16. He is turning 22 today!
I wished I was there to celebrate with them both, my mom's friend passed away yesterday and she not feeling her best. A year ago I got to celebrate it with her because she drove down with my brother and it was so much fun to have them both here. We made mole a traditional mexican guisine..we had drinks and music, we danced and laughed and had kereoke at the end of the night she loves to sing just as I do.

I remember the day she turned 30 years old, my dad went all out hiring a band and had barbacue, and drinks he even hired mariachis witch in my opinion is the best musitians you can hire during a special event. Well we where all yung kids and since this was going on at the ranch we were happy as can be. Well my mom on the other hand was not to happy about turning 30. To her this ment the biggining of getting old and she was not happy, she was crying for the longest time, her friends finaly convinved her to have a good time and she did.
I on the other hand I had a very large partty on my 30th birthday because I was happy to still be alive!! I consider everyday an oportunity to celebrate with smaller gestures of corse. My mom and my oldest sister came down to visit, we had mariachis and a great cook out with kareoke at the end.
Every day is a good day to celebrate if u ask me.