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2020-06-07 16:54:38 (UTC)

Prompt 078: Crafting a Favourite Weekend

78. What was your favorite weekend that you can remember? What caused this weekend to stick out in your mind? What would you have to do to top it and why?
So many of my favourite weekends have been mentioned in previous entries, I suspect. Mmmmaybe one I'd not discussed so far was the first time I stayed in the hotel where a game designer's convention was happening. Although I didn't live very far from the event at the time, I decided that it would be best to rent a room so I wouldn't feel rushed while attending the event and could focus my energies on showing the games I'd made.

So it was a fancy hotel room that I enjoyed tremendously. The window actually opened (so yeah, you know it was a fancy place...!), and as it was in mid-March there was actually snow on the ground at the time. It was the kind of place and the time of year when I could turn on the heat, open the window, and while the cool breeze came in I could sit in the sun and be comfortable with a nice cup of coffee.

I was able to check in to my room, meet up with friends the first evening, playing games until late that night. That Saturday, I exhibited a game of mine that afternoon, and the woman I was seeing at the time visited me afterward. She and I went out to dinner at a sushi place, then returned to the hotel room for some quality time together before she retired to her home to care for her elderly dog. The next day, I showed a second game, caught up with friends, then returned home.

Generally speaking, the weekend was great because I indulged both my intellectual and physical pursuits. I was also dating at the time, which made at least the second of those pursuits much easier. But in regards to the first: I'd reconnected with my designer friends, and had a lot of support in developing quality game designs that were enjoyable for the attendees. Seems like I was seeking validation, and received the lion's share of it that weekend.

One of the perks of exhibiting prototypes over that weekend was that attendees were encouraged to leave feedback for the games they played. Reviewing game feedback was a further way that a designer could receive affirmation of their design efforts. I remember being uplifted for weeks afterwards from the compliments and suggestions I'd received from some of the players.

To top this, or at least replicate that weekend's highlights, then to sum up:
- No unexpected expenses
- Physical gratification (sex, food, coffee, not necessarily in that order)
- Intellectual gratification
- Picked-and-chosen time with picked-and-chosen friends and acquaintances
- Solitude. An opportunity to indulge in creative pursuits

Things being as they are, I reckon it'll be some time before an opportunity to meet that entire list of criteria will come along again. But I suppose settling for three-outta-five ain't so bad, and definitely doable. More than that would just be icing on the cake. All five would put things in "favourite weekend" territory.