London Life
2020-06-08 22:00:55 (UTC)

Mundane Monday

On Saturday after a nice 8-hour sleep, we listened in bed to No Such Thing As A Fish, but some of it was quite boring, about sand dunes. After my group chat we sat around reading while I played my 2014 Top 100 songs, which in retrospect was rather lacking in interest and excitement compared to my favourites now.

We had planned to go out about 15:30 but I hadn't even done my hair and make up. It was lucky we didn't go then, as there was a thunderstorm about 17:00 which we would have been caught in.

After it cleared, we walked up to the Angel and got take-away noodles which we ate on the Green, where we hadn't ever sat down and taken in the surroundings before.

Jack wanted to sort out his tyre when we got back, ready for seeing his family on Sunday, but he couldn't find the puncture and had difficulty getting the tyre on and off. I had to stay up anyway until the bread he was making was ready.

I was up at 7:00 on Sunday and ran up to the Heath, as more people were signed up than last week. I met Beth, then Ali and we did a lap of the track. Soon Val, Kat and Sammy arrived and we set off litter-picking. I climbed into a seated area and picked up lots of bottles neatly arranged on a box. Vicky arrived with some black non-recycling bags and I found more stuff than most people, by looking in and behind bushes.

We had quite a chat afterwards but didn't go for a coffee. Sally turned up at the end. I was looking for somewhere to leave my recycling and asked a man at the track where the bins were, and he kindly took the bag off me.

I'd been thinking of acting out new "sexy" videos, but instead sat around all day, reading, looking at my Flikr girls, listening to Soho Radio and Matthew Sweet discussing Stan Laurel, and the Amazing Chart, while the day passed by. I was reading Jeremy Vine's autobiography, which one review said hadn't got enough about his personal life. This I preferred. If someone is famous, I want to read about the things they're famous for; their personal life is no more relevant than anyone else's. It cost me £1.89 as it's ten years old.

I got an alert that my magazine articles may be required again soon, so I tried to pick up the threads of what I was planning. In the evening I made a silken tofu and sweet potato meal, and we watched some more Dragon's Den compilations, some where the pitches were terrible and some where the Dragons argued among themselves, more so when Duncan was on the panel.

Today was possibly our most mundane day of the lockdown. I caught up with my form applications which was nice to have up to date. We went to the bank and got a few food items, I went for a 5km run after work but we didn't go out together, just sat in listening to Amazing Radio while Jack did the "pitcherwits" he got from his parents yesterday.

The Championship football fixtures were announced today. I opted to get a season ticket refund but give it to the foundation charity, as I've got no interest in watching matches on television.

I got another 8 hours of sleep last night, but apparently only 27 minutes of "deep sleep".