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2020-06-08 11:36:29 (UTC)

The Doom and Gloom of the World 👿

Hell no!! Not going there. So much hate, confusion, social media theatrics pushing their agenda needing to get ratings. I get it. Sure. Lot's of things to fix in the world but I'm not going down that rabbit trail. Can't fix stupid.

Instead, I recall hanging out with my friends yesterday over breakfast. We actually got to sit down at a place called Lumberjacks restaurant. If you're hungry, go here. You will leave full for sure. Not healthy stuff. Just a good old meat and potatoes American meal. I had breakfast actually. Didn't know what I wanted so I ordered the Lumberjack combo or something to that nature. It was enough to feed three people. So I put a big portion on a spare plate and shared it with my friends Jenny and Missy.

The conversation was not about riots, not about BLM, not about cops, nope. None of that. Marilyn was talking about her kiddo's baseball season not happening (of course) and complained about baseball pants being white. She asked why are they white when they are playing in the grass and dirt? Hard to clean apparently. Haha.

Jenny talked about her new puppy and how the puppy broke her leg playing with an adult dog while at her ex husband's house. She said since it happened at the Ex's house, he should cover the vet bill. She also said she hadn't put the puppy on a pet medical yet so the bill will be ugly for sure.

For me, I'm complaining or somewhat wondering why I'm struggling to just keep the laundry caught up. I live alone so what the heck you know? We discussed this. Then I realized why. I have my work clothes albeit sometimes it's grungy clothes. Then I change into my gym clothes. Then I shower and change clothes again. So at a minimum, I realized I live like 3 regular people as far as wearing clothes. lol. We also discussed about how so many people gained weight including moi.

All three not so late breaking news huh? Listening to Suzy Homemaker talk about her kids schooling and baseball pants. Jenny talking about her kiddos growing pain and her puppy's broken leg. Me and my laundry issue. But you know what? I loved it. I absorbed every minute of our chit-chat. Just simple normalcy. No doom and gloom crap. To hear the normal chatter of the simple things in life, I loved it. I listened and smiled not because of the topic, but because all three of us was not caught up in the stupid things people and the media is portraying around the world.

So if you're ever in my part of town (and I know you won't be), and you're wanting to chat, hang out, or just make small talk, then come on down. No drama discussions. No politics. No hate allowed. Just normal fun even boring conversation. 😊