Do Not Disturb

2020-06-07 12:32:13 (UTC)

Irritated As Fuck

Yesterday at work was hell but my crush made it a little bit better. He was showing me how to do the fry station since no one really wanted to teach me how. He was starring at me the whole time for some reason but I kind of liked it. A little bit to much. We had a moment. I wonder what was on his mind at the time. I wish I could read minds just so I could see what he's thinking. We talked basically all night. Their wasn't very few people of us left. He didn't come in till around five and I thought he was off. He doesn't know that I like him no. He has a girlfriend yet I feel like he was flirting with me yesterday because he said something about me being " his girl". I can't stand him sometimes because I like him so much. And I see him pretty much every day at work.

On of the managers that was working with us got an attitude with me because she said I didn't know how to multi task with making drinks and taking orders through drive through then, she had this other girl help me when I was the only one doing it by myself and she was just bagging stuff up. She could've at least help me. She did eventually but only because she said I couldn't multi task and I'm still slowly learning. I've never worked at a Mcdonald's fast food resturan before so.. What did they expect ? The whole night was just a living hell for me. But no one at the job doesn't see that I'm actually trying to learn.

Then, I come home to see on Snapchat that Al did one of the Q&A's on Snapchat and one girl asked if, he was talking to someone he said yes then, another girl said does he have a girlfriend he said no. I told him how I felt on that. He was saying when did we ever make things official between us and I asked did u even like me he said yes but he's not " ready for a relationship". Plesse... I've heard it all before. He says he "cares" but we both know he doesn't. He was just leading me on the whole time. And I'm so stupid believe that he "loves me" and that he "likes me".

JC had the nerve to text me on snapchat saying something about his ex breaking his phone and seeing the messages between us and how he didn't know that she came by his house because she got a new car and took his phone and broke it. Please. Whatever. I didn't believe him for one second. We were just friends anyways. I guess I kind of liked him in a way. But now we're just only friends.

Also people were getting mad in the drive through and getting attitudes with me. One girl looking at me crazy talking about her sweet tea isn't sweet enough so, I just switched it out and the manager made sure it was sweet. Tne, she turned the conversation around saying how I better go off on these people if, they get an attitude with me. I don't do it because I don't wanna lose my job. And I've been doing pretty good. That was my fourth day. I was off Saturday. I was suppose to be off at ten but I stayed a little while and helped the manager even though she was being rude to me.

I also wanted stay because of my crush. 😳😕. But ik he has no interest in me whatsoever because he has a girlfriend and all. And yesterday was only the day we really just started to talk. He was asking me all these questions like... Where I'm from ? And blah, blah, blah.

I was just ready to go at that time. I swept and mopped up the floor on my part and then, I clocked out amd left.

This other girl of whom I think name is Stacy was trying to get me to do her part when the manager said I only mop the front not the side like she suppose to do. She just doesn't wanna do anything. Also, while I was on break she went on break and kept saying how she wanted to quit and find another job. I would love for her to quit because she act like she doesn't know what to do. And she be hearing her line beap over the mic but I have to take the order because she act like she can't hear and I be telling her she got a line. I'm not about to over work myself already like I was already doing.

Anyways, work today again from 2-10 PM. I hope no one will stress me out. AGAIN. I'm still gonna look for another job. Maybe Chick-fil-A this time and their off on Sundays. Maybe this job will treat me better than Mcdonald's do. I can't wait to get payed because my phone is off again and I use wi-fi at home. Sometimes at work but it barely helps.

Fingers cross for a better day..

- A

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