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2020-06-07 09:00:29 (UTC)

Who the hell text so early on a Sunday morning? 🤨

Got woken up at 8AM!!! On a Sunday morning!1 You kidding me? But it was Jenny... so she's forgiven. Haha. She asked if we could do breakfast later. TBH, I sorta forgot we set that up. She asked if 10:30AM would be ok and I said that's more than fine. Apparently, $2 Buck Chuck bottles of wine can still get you drunk.

Then Missy texted too. She was with the meetup group for a few years but disappeared being a busy single Mom. I used to call her Suzy Homemaker because she had that kind of personality. She's cool though and pretty innocent except for that one time at adult camp years ago and drunkenly grabbed my ass. lol. Anyway, I asked is she wanted to join us for breakfast and she said ok. So it'll be three of us and it'll be fun to catch up with each other's lives once again.

Ok, I wasn't going to post this part but I had a dream last night. Apparently in the dream, I got married. haha. She was wearing a nice beige or white dress with some sparkly material on it too. What's it called? Those bedazzle things. Forgot the words. She was pretty, black hair and a nice slender nose is what I recall from the side view. She had blue or green eyes. I'm guessing she was about my height. Not super skinny. Maybe around 130 lbs. I think she was from a Greek decent. Don't ask me how I dreamt that. I don't even know one Greek person in my life nor any movie stars that is Greek but she looked Greek.

We were having a big after wedding party so we were running around trying to make sure the guests were taken care of. I recall we bumping into each other and my "wife" lol said that she was craving for just a few minutes to hug and kiss me. Awwwwue. That was sweet. I recall thinking that it'll be so nice to discover and learn more about how she tics and the years we'll have discovering that. I do recall how I told myself that I will work on making her happy and at the same time, making sure I take care of myself and make me happy too. The things that make you go hmmmmm...

Back to the real world, I realize now that I could have been a better husband in the past. I guess I wasn't as aware before about life so yeah, I can man up to that and say so. Not that I was evil before. It's just that now, I am more aware of the other person's well being and I think I'd do a much better job at being a husband.

For now, I'm going to just say "Whew! It was just a dream! Thank God it wasn't real!" haha. Nope, not even close to wanting that. I know what I do want right now. I want my 2nd cup of coffee, to take a shower, and a fricking hair cut. That's more than enough for now.

It's an awesome day today. The high will be 74° F (23.3° C) and sunny. Makes me want to go out and put on a white or beige dress and enjoy the sun :) Not!!! (Holding on extra hard to my man card). Need to get ready to meet my friends. Everyone go out there and smile at people. They do smile back. When the cute ladies smile back, I'm so tempted to walk backwards and start a conversation in reverse but no, I never do. lol

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