the secrets of an average teen
2020-06-07 18:15:24 (UTC)

all we need is music

I’ve been trying to find many ways to express this for you. until I realized the words we say will never be heard. I literally cannot listen to music without feeling something for you. I truly believe the only way for us to express ourselves now is through music. Why? Because even if we’re not talking, music will always be our strongest connection. all we need is the vibrations, the lyrics, the feelings put into the song. And we already know how we feel. I’ve been holding back on texting you to tell you I’m sorry. It’s been hard. All I want to do is sleep. I cry. I feel weak :( everything hurts. I never knew I could miss someone so fucking much. My heart is literally aching knowing we’re not speaking. And it hurts knowing I hurt you.
I know all my I’m sorry’s will never be forgiven but it’s so worth it for you. I pushed you away and my feelings thinking it would be easier but I feel so lost right now. You made me feel things I didn’t even know I could feel. You knew the perfect things to say, you knew exactly what to do. I don’t know how. I’m convinced that we met for a reason and that someday we’ll meet again.
Our playlist was somehow deleted on Spotify and I cried because I thought you reported it. But I started a new one. Of all the songs that remind me of you. Or all the songs that make me feel like I’m with you. All the songs that make me feel alive.

When I sing I feel like I’m singing for you now. No one has ever admired my singing like you have. No one has ever admired ME as much as you have. You listen, you care, you respect, you LOVE. Even if the universe is saying we can’t be together now. We’ll see how everything turns out in the future. 💓

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