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2020-06-06 23:22:59 (UTC)

My lucky friend 🍀

Jenny called again tonight. She had to tell me what happened today. As I indicated earlier, she broke up with her dude. So yeah, she was hurting a bit and that's normal. But she has been lucky in so many things in life. During the housing bust, she just got divorced. So she had money to buy a home when it was still really cheap. I'm thinking 2009ish. It of coursed boomed after that and she sold and bought somewhere even better around 2015. Housing again boomed and she now has so much equity in her place without putting too much money down. I smile and shake my head. So happy my friend got so lucky she was at the right place at the right time. Of course, with the exception of getting divorce. That part sucks.

Still, she managed somehow to get hired at Intel! She has no IT background but she is a quick learner and is now rocking it. Guessing around $150K a year. So glad that there are some of my friends that are doing so well. Makes me happy they aren't suffering just trying to make ends meet. She still has a budget. She still has two kids to raise so she isn't out of the woods and does need to have a budget.

So today, she's out mowing her own lawn. Again, she's only like 5'1" and 100 lbs plus change so mowing the lawn for her isn't the easiest to do. The grass was tall since she didn't cut it in 4 weeks. Lawnmower stalled an she couldn't get it to start. She's screwed trying to start it now. She isn't mechanically inclined so she was having a hard time. But lucky her as usual. A biker dude was driving by, saw her having issues and volunteered to help mow her lawn. I laugh because she is so lucky. And of course, this dude has blond hair and blue eyes. She already told me she already had th normal cabana boy fantasies. Good for her. She needed a pick me up. This dude is also trying to make ends meet and said he'd work for anything she may need. So now, she has a landcapter that will come once a week. And she gets to see her eye candy. I laugh and gotta say she is so lucky. She got it all. Feel so happy for my friend.

If I tried something like that at my place, I'd get picked up to go live in an old folks home or the Jehovah witnesses would come by to add to the displeasure of being out in the hot sun but not willing to do my lawn and wanting me to read their magazine. I never read one before but I bet there won't be any hot women pics in some advertising in their magazine.

So Jenny wants to meet for breakfast tomorrow and I said sure. I got gym peeps texting me saying they miss me and can't wait to see me agin. I confess, that makes me feel good. Ego building crap so yeah, I like it. In the gym, there are not races, no political agenda, no age, not race issue, nothing like that at all. Just everyone wanting to get in shape. But the more awesomer ( I'm making that word) thing about my gym is that it's a world of fun loving people. I gotta watch out about too much loving but in general, a great bunch of fun loving people. In that gym, there is no race card, prejudice, sex or age discrimination, political bias, or anything like what you'd see on Facebook ro the other weird but real world. Nope, in the gym, we are just a bunch of friends and I love it.

For some people, it's their therapy for alll sorts of reasons. Some suffer from PTSD, past horrors, divorce, insecurities, mental health, etc, etc, You know what I mean. They all came for a fix and I'm not talking about the body. It's something else even deeper. I can truthfully say that the gym saved my mental ass from deep depression and I don't understand what is going on with me really but I am so happy now. Things seems so much clearer to me. I'm thinking it's because I worked on myself and my baskets of life are mostly all fulfilled. So yeah, I'm happy and I'm saying my gym helped a immensely on achieving this happy borderline whacky status.

No one is going to mess with my mojo. Life is good. Just a little over a week before my haircut. Friends are being let loose again. My body feel so much better after just taking a two day break from working out. Life is good. Can't complain. Even the 2 Buck Chuck I drank today wasn't all that bad. lol

I think it's time for bottle number 2. Hope I'm typing right because I'm plastered and I'm not even looking at what I'm typing so forgive me for all the typos. You Nazi spellcheckers can kiss my butt!! haha. Ok, round two coming up :)

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