Carrie notes
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2020-06-07 04:41:44 (UTC)

All Around Me

The air turned black all around me, as my phone started to ring! I had a bad feeling Don Paradis was going to call me. Sure enough when my phone rang it was Don Paradis. He just come by as he was leaving the VA hospital!
I told him there was no way I could let him in the building when I saw him in may. Plus I wasn't home when he showed up. So what's the deal with him just showing up.
Oh I know what it is .... He is off probation now so he thinks things are going to be just like they were when I lived at Barton apartments. You know he was an ass hole to me when I lived at Barton apartments. I doubt things will be any different now. But maybe he thinks I'll take pitty on him due to his cancer.
When Don Paradis and I parted ways almost a year ago he accused me of dating someone else. Why? Because some bitch who lives in my building took upon herself to open her fat lieing mouth and tell him I was seeing another man. Granted I didn't want Don Paradis around even then. But I would like to know where it is written my nieghbor's have stir up more trouble than I already have?

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