Experienced Life
2020-06-06 14:50:36 (UTC)

Just another lazy day and I love it 😊

Had to work this beautiful Saturday morning (I'm on salary so no extra pay). Boss had me help a customer for something I wasn't even supposed to do. Not something in my area of work. But whatever. He's an idiot so instead of arguing with him, I just let him know it isn't even something I do but will attend the video conf call anyway. A customer was testing a new application and they wanted a network person to help. Four long ass boring hrs later, we were done. They want to retest again next week and will want help again. Hell no! I'll make something up and make sure I won't be available next weekend. Maybe I'll be attending a one legged ass kicking contest instead.

I had drank a pot of coffee but it didn't help. I was so mentally bored so I took a power nap right after. My lazyboy is broken. The latch to pull out the foot rest and recliner part don't work. I poked around underneath it and figured out how to manually open it and I did so. As soon as I sat on it and my legs propped up on the foot rest, it was lights out for me. I had a legasm and was out in a minute. I swear it only took that long. Three hrs later, I'm all refreshed and ready to take on the world again. Or.... I see the hammock outside. Breezy day today and it's only 79° F out. I think there may be a part two to this power napping. I felt my body needed more time to heal anyway so this extra day off of gym class is helping me enormously. So this week, I slacked off with gym. Only did 4 workouts this week but whatever. I want to be ready to go when my gym finally opens up. Hopefully next week 🦧

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