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2020-06-06 18:45:44 (UTC)

Using People As Puppets

One of my nieghbor's Tammi Serrette has used another nieghbor Dianne Detrix as a puppet in a little game to gain what she wants. The thing is one Lorinda Knight been rumored as keeping in contact with Tammi Sarrette and a couple other of my nieghbor's telling them how to manipulate housing to get what they want.
Lorinda Knight was the service coordinator when I first moved in at Franklin Plaza little over a year ago. She got fired about 2 months after I moved in. I heard several stories as to why she got fired.
The long and the short of it is I have seen this little cherade where Dianne Ditriex was used as a puppet by Tammi Sarrette. I don't know if the service coordinator who was here when I moved in has anything to do with it or not. But I refuse to stand by and let Dianne be a door mat in someone else's game.

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