2020-06-06 11:00:30 (UTC)

Prompt 077: Family Getaway Weekend

77. Your family is giving you a choice for your next weekend getaway! What place do you choose and why? Would it be fun for everyone involved? Why or why not?
Almost a year ago, my mother and stepdad hosted a mountain lake house getaway for my immediate family. If I were to spend time with all of them again, it would likely be a place like that. To sum up, there are a handful of reasons it was an excellent choice:
- Accessible: within a comfortable drive's distance for everyone.
- Comfortable: There were few stairs for the elders/infants in our group. Comfy furniture, comfy beds, firepit, indoor and outdoor seating, etc. were all over the place.
- Quiet: It wasn't desolate or deserted at all, but generally speaking there were no loud people, machines, or parties nearby. I guess you could also say that if we were the ones making noise, we would be remote enough that we wouldn't really disturb anyone else.
- Temperate: it was at a higher elevation, near a lake, at the beginning of the Autumn. Days were warm, nights were cool. I was fine in front of a fan the entire time.
- By the Water: it was a lake house, so folks would splash round in the water, go catch-and-release fishing, and I could wander down to the pier at night and drink coffee. I'd enjoyed this quite a bit.
- Big: No one was crammed into a small space with others when they didn't want to be. The entire house was enormous, and my room was secreted away from everyone. I could go hide away whenever I wanted, whether on my own personal balcony or down by the water. I could join the family for meals and always find a way to prepare my own food and have a seat at the table.
- Miscellaneous novelty: Plenty of room to do anything. I sprawled out game-making stuff and played an adventure game with the nephews we made up on the spot. Even watching the lake was entertaining, if you're into that sort of thing.

I'm personally very fond of being at the [ocean] shore, but it's a bit further away from where my family lives than I think would be practical for them. However if there was a river or lake house we could all hang out at, I think that would be the best scenario for everyone. I'd easily chip in for half of the cost if it meant we could do it all again.


My brother and his wife recently invested in a camper, and their family has been spending a lot of time at campsites in the past couple months (including this weekend). Personally, I think that's a fantastic way to raise their three kids. So many folks take advantage of nature so late in life: whether they're just ignorant of it, or they can't afford it. So to be able to share nature with their children from such an early age is a wonderful privilege. It sets the tone for their kids to have an appreciation of it when they're eventually grown and can choose how to spend their time.

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