London Life
2020-06-06 11:33:52 (UTC)

Work quiz and the silly Games

We went to St Pancras at lunchtime, as Jack had wrecked the gears on my bike, and I had a puncture. It took us hours to get the Brompton back wheel off last time and put all the gear wheels back correctly, so this time we decided to get the bike shop to sort out the puncture and give us a new tyre.

We had a team "social" at work which involved my manager doing a quiz: General knowledge, a lyric round and UK geography. It was a bit of a shame he showed us all the questions at the beginning; although he read them out anyway it wasn't as good that way. I finished 2nd, with 24 out of 40. Astonishingly the majority of people didn't seem to get the question "how many stars are there in the solar system", putting guesses such as 250,000.

I was struggling all day to get a definitive list of our business partners, but I diverted to doing the Top 100 which I finished nicely in time, though my new file is just as likely to freeze, and the weekly version to refuse to select a cell.

I had a Zoom chat with the Barnet girls at 19:00: Sarah who hosted, Vicki who is seems is a single mother, (someone asked about her "ex" and the children), Fiona who did most of the talking, Fay who picked the Holloways and Primal Scream for our playlist, Sally who liked my old-school but new release Frankey Wah choice (which is now moving up the Radio 1 playlist), but said nothing about the Sport Team track I'd chosen...

I left early so as not to neglect Jack, but also to record my entries for the Games. His workstation wasn't long enough for the can race - blowing two 330ml cans balanced on top of each other - so we cleared the top of the sideboard. The first take was not bad, I managed to blow it 39cm and 41cm, as well as one collapse, then I had a second go where the cans collapsed both times, but on my third attempt, although they collapsed the first time, I got 78 cm and 60cm. I think I could be in with a chance of winning this one.

The second event I entered, you had to arrange tin cans in a pyramid, then suck ten peas out of a bowl one at a time using a straw and drop then in the top can. A strange game in which I got my time down from 57 seconds to 42 on the second attempt, probably not enough to win as I was quite slow arranging the cans but I couldn't be bothered having another go as it's quite boring. I had to get a straw from a coffee house at lunch time because Jack couldn't find his metal ones.

Finally, I did throwing the socks in a waste-paper basket. We haven't got such a basket, but used Jack's drumming bucket, which is quite large and looked enormous in close-up on our video. I was bad on the first two attempts (the ones when Jack could get his timer to work) as I was concentrating on speed not accutacy, but then managed 6 which I decided was good enough.