Experienced Life
2020-06-05 20:31:24 (UTC)

Chat with my friend Jenny 🤣

My friend Jenny dropped off her kiddos to her ex's place. I think it's like a 1.5 hr drive each way so she called me on the way back to kill some time and to catch up. She told me she finally got rid of her boyfriend. It looked bleak already but as a friend, I just supported her and told her that I would be there for her no matter what she decided to do. So I guess she finally broke up but she isn't doing bad. She says her time separated from him gave her the awakening and she don't want to be with him anymore.

Then we talked about the gym and how we miss it. She does her own workouts but have slacked. I do the online classes but I too know it's not the same. We both are losing tone and we both gained weight. She said she gained 5 lbs. She's a runner and she says it's harder when you're 5 lbs heavier. She's so little. Maybe 5'1"? She's on some of the kayaking vids I posted. But she did say her boobs got bigger so that isn't so bad. Meanwhile, I told her I gained around 7 lbs and unlike her, all that weight went to my worse part. My belly. And unlike her, I told her my bigger belly makes my cock look smaller. We both laughed so hard. Oh man!! I missed chatting with her. We can say anything to each other. Such a wonderful friend to have. Just like one of the guys but without a penis.

Since she's kiddo free this weekend, she wants to get together to go out and do something. So I said sure, I got nothing this weekend. Heidi hasn't chimed in so I'm good to go. I'll be doing the morning gym session tomorrow and that's it. Should be a nice relaxing weekend. I think I'll wash and wax my truck tomorrow. Oh, and I still didn't file my taxes! lol. Maybe I'll do it this weekend finally. I don't see why I don't. I know I'll get back over $3K. Maybe that's why I don't. That way I don't get stupid and spend it on foolish things. But I know I will anyway 🙂

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