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2020-06-05 07:35:09 (UTC)

1/2 an hr of zen time 😇

Well, I got a 1/2 hr this morning to do my morning thang 😎. My usual coffee, Alexa, and just getting my morning zen thing going. Self assessment tells me my back hurts a bit. It's hurting in the middle. I think maybe I did the snowballs/snow angels incorrectly this past week. Or maybe it's just sore muscles back there. Can't reach around so I can't tell for sure. I think maybe I was bending my back during the snowball instead of crunching my core. Ok, lesson learned. I need to watch out for that. I can't be messed up when the gym is about to open. Shoulders hurt a little. We've been focused on those these past few weeks too.

But hey, like I said before, it's rebuilding my body to get better toned and it tells me I'm alive so I smile when I feel it. Sometimes it's sort of a crooked painful smile when I feel it but it's still a smile 😜 And the mandatory minimum I need for my body to do in the morning is just to be able to take off my T shirt and to lift my coffee mug. That's pretty much all the physical requirements I need to be able to do in the morning. All that other stuff can wait. haha.

I recall it took me awhile to get going on Saturday gym classes. We'd only have day classes on Sat so I'd sort of stagger my way in to class. It takes awhile to get my blood to flow and my body to move without being so stiff. I mean, who the hell does windmills first thing in the morning? Not me. Yet, that seems to be almost always part of our normal warmup routine. So yeah...windmills are the morning devil!! 👿 lol.

I only got one project to complete today so it should be a nice day at work. Another good thing about work is that there is that salad joint nearby and I love their salads so my lunch meals have been excellent. Going to work actually helps me with my weight. That's good because I need to lose about 6-7 lbs. Not quite ready for a summer body for sure. Lots of river floats, kayaking, camping and other summer plans so I better get my butt in gear or I won't be needing a float to go down the river. I'll have a built in one! YIPES!!!!

Well, it's time to get ready for work.