Experienced Life
2020-06-04 22:59:24 (UTC)

Woah!! Senses are up 🤗

I was just kicking back tonight. Enjoying the mellow after effects of working out. I had dinner and was watching a show. A glass of wine in hand, the smell of la male cologne on my shirt, the intermittent smell of my red wine as I sip from the glass, and the scented candle I lit. Holy cow man!! The combinations of all these scents gets me in a very very good mood. It'd be game over if a woman was next to me. haha. The smell of the candle sends all kinds of things to react all over me. In fact, it flashed back to my dream I had last night. Forgot all about it till just now.

Last night, I dreamed I was with a woman. Don't remember much but I know she was blond. So yeah, you do dream in color unlike some people saying you don't. Don't remember much but I do recall we were making love. Not too many specifics but I do recall she was hot and wet in the heat of things because my other head (the stupid one) could feel the wetness and heat from her sweet honeypot (Got that saying from the series Outlander).

So yeah, two things I know to be true. The smell of certain scents can get you all worked up in a good way. Second, I'm a perv even in my unconscious mind. Haha. There is no hope for me for sure. But that's me and I like me the way I am. Good night my diary and to all the insomnic people out there that are still up 🤪