Do Not Disturb

2020-06-05 05:17:50 (UTC)

Could've went better

Second day on the new job was great I guess. I'm doing well on the cash register and being in the hole. I had to ask for help for a few times. I was in the back hole at first and whenever I asked this girl Tanisha for help that was taking money and I was taking orders she acted like she didn't wanna help me at all because of her facial expression. They eventually moved me to the front hole on the register. This one guy got mad because he waited 20 minutes in line when I said hello and he didn'he say anything so I just said i apologize sir and just got his order and said okay whilr he was still trying to argue about him waiting in line.

Finally went and bought some slip resistent shoes from Wal Mart that were almost $30 and socks included because I forgot to bring some from home because I was such in a rush and because Grandma was to busy playing that old casino game machine that she found in the gas stations because the original casino that she goes to is shut down because of the coronavirus as usual. Honestly, I wish they didn't exist then people wouldn't have no choice but to save their money and not spend it on a machine.

But I made it on time to work and when I tell you my Grandma drove fast... She drove fast but she didn't get caught. I got their right on time and clocked in. I took my break and the guy that I like he was in their and on his break as well. I believe. I saw him texting on his phone. Its not like I was being nosy and was trying to see if, he was texting his girlfriend or not.


I asked the really cute guy that I like that every girl at my job think is cute to help me with the bucket water because I couldn't put it in their right to squeeze the mop out and I gave it to him and we touched hands but doesn't mean the fact that he has a girlfriend because after I clocked out from work I saw him get into the car with that girl that is possibly and I think is his girlfriend from work. Definitely.

Ivan was trying to get me to do one last thing before I go and that was to clean the freezer of I think the fries go in and I told him repeatedly that I was about to go. I had to come back in and get me something to eat and this time on my 75% discount so I got a Big Mac meal and the meal was $2.00 on discount. Great deal. Ikr. At least that did something to my stomach unlike the 10 pc nugget meal I had earlier on my lunch break. They never seem to get me full. Burgers from now on. I wanted some Zaxby's but my mother of coarse didn't feel like driving over their and my Grandma wanted her car back so I said fuck it. Ivan thought I was gone I told him I was then he didn't say anything after that.

I wasn't gonna stay because he told me to do one thing. I only stayed an hour because we got busy at night then it calmed down.

I know their are a lot of misspelled punctuations and all but I don't care. This isn't English.

- A