London Life
2020-06-04 21:15:56 (UTC)

First drink for 80+ days. And what a girl does with her hands

Again I was trying to keep up with all the little bits of work, while also keeping on track with the Top 100, and sneaking off to do a group Mexican wave on Zoom for the 'Games' at the weekend. It had been carefully arranged by Rosie, there were about 12 of us and we managed it fairly quickly, only for Ben to find afterwards that he hadn't managed to record it.

We had a social in the evening so we did it again, but there were less of us. The social was good though and it was great to have a laptop instead of a phone, so I could see everyone and I was more relaxed in joining in. CJ kept it going by arranging that we would appear to pass a drink around between us. I had my first alcohol since 14th March, so my first drink for more than 80 days, which is easily my longest "dry" spell since leaving school. My excuse was I needed two 330ml cans for the Games, and I know our local brewery does cans that size, but Ip
needed empty ones.

At lunchtime I ran to the weekly cleaning volunteering task at the community centre. Sweet Jay and pretty Becca were there, and it was so lovely chatting to them. I got to know Becca just before the lockdown. Jay has got a temporary job making ventilators for hospitals at the Dagenham car factory. She's finding the shifts difficult to cope with, but it's not too boring as they chat and do quizzes and things. It's a more than 50km return trip which she cycles daily.

After work we walked up to Granary Square and went in both Waitroses. In my diary entries during the sunshine, I didn't mention the girl in Alexandra Palace lying on her back with a strapless dress on, with one hand resting on each breast. I found it hard to look away. I always go to sleep lying flat on my front with one hand between my legs, as if holding myself shut. Seems to help me get to sleep anyway. Though before sleep tonight, I've seen one of my favourite porn videos ever. It was after a porn shoot, they just carried on filming, the girl (who had an amazing body) had a shower, took her make-up off, she was laughing and joking with the man, and they ended up having sex again. I'm sure it was genuine and she was clearly enjoying herself.