deanne and Connor

our dialog
2020-06-04 14:49:33 (UTC)

Account for my Master

i was instructed by Master to write an account of my servitude today. He instructed that i should be detailed so that anyone reading this would have a clear vision of what transpired. i met him at lunchtime and He told me to go to our room where He then told me that He wished to be pleased. Or more appropriately that i was to please Him. At that command i layed in front of Him, unzipped and buttoned his jeans and removed His cock. i began by lightly teasing and arousing with my tongue and teeth, eventually working to a rhythmic pace of bobbing up and down with my mouth, while my left hand fondled and kneaded His balls, and my right hand pressed and made circles on his tummy.

my worshiping of Him continued for a bit. He would occasionally stop and ask me questions, such as "who do you serve", and "does anything else matter?. These are standard questions that i answer regularly. There is no wavering. There were also a few slaps to my face, just to remind me of my position.

After many minutes of my attention and efforts He grunted, signaling to me that He was close. At that point i like to pay close attention to the positions and firmness of my lips so that He can enjoy the sensation while pulsating His cum into my waiting mouth. He often wishes me to rise up, kiss Him and share in my reward but on this occasion He stared down and made some comment along the lines of "My gutter slut is dying to eat it". i interpreted it as permission to swallow it all, but i soon sensed that had erred and that perhaps i disappointed Him by swallowing while i stared at Him.

He sat me in front of Him and inserted one, then two fingers in my collar, tightening them enough to reduce my air. i could then tell that He was disappointed and that although i worshiped Him and did my very best to please Him that i was mistaken to have swallowed before sharing. He then cupped me below and squeezed, and proclaimed that it belonged to Him and that He would use it anytime and any way He desired and that i had no choice in the matter.

He moved on to remind me that i am His slut, His whore, His cunt for life and that i would write this account to our diary before end of day.

Suffice it to say in closing that i adore and worship Him.