Experienced Life
2020-06-04 08:49:01 (UTC)

Some good news!! 😅

Well, due to the State and the situation we're in, they need to chop the budget. So of course, the easiest thing to chop and for the politicians to keep the good grace of whomever they promised things to, they won't of course cut special projects that got them elected. They are going to cut on labor. That'd be moi! So they will be cancelling (probably) the July 2.5% raise we were going to get. However, the Engineers (which is a smaller group of State workers) will still get their 5% increase. So instead of 7.5% I will still be getting a 5% raise. Woohoo!! That's still a very good raise. Gives me a semi thinking about it. lol. Then the loss of the 2.5% raise will then be in effect for a year but the year after this, they're asking for a 3.5% raise for the loss of the 2.5% this year. That's what's on the bargaining table anyway. So I'm hopeful. Glad I still have a job and glad that I will still be looking at a raise this summer.

My haircut is scheduled so I just need to deal with the ear tickling just for 10 more days!! It's not so bad right now because now I can tuck my hair around my ears somewhat. I look stupid as heck but at least my ear tickling hasn't been so bad anymore. I think it's more psychological and I'm just not used to having anything touching my ears in a long time...except for Blue Faye of course when she was letting loose her... inner woman on me way back when. 😇 She was an ear nibbling, tongue lashing, expressively moaning, back clawing machine that time I was with her. I know..TMI but it was a long time ago so I'm smart enough now to use my smarter head and not the evil one. lol