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2020-06-04 00:02:25 (UTC)

Is hard but not imposssible!

Today on the gen. chat room was going on and on about an image of President Trump holding a bible, I mean people sure have a lot to say on everything that is political incorrect at the moment, but I say to you. Have you checked your home and see where you stand on the mater? is so easy for us to judge others and criticize some one when you are not on the stand.
Life has always taught me that you begging by setting the example, by being a person of unimpeachable integrity other wise your words mean nothing. I for once decided to step down on the debate because is not my place to point the finger to another, no matter how bad I belive his behavior is!
I hope we can learn to teach by example rather than to tear each other up. I like it when people tell me I am acting wrong other wise where do I begging to change my attitude.
So just remember even though we may think we are right their somethings that say other wise.
Loving people when at their lowest point is what makes them better. Is hard but not impossible!!

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