Carrie notes
2020-06-04 03:29:57 (UTC)

Assuming Shit

I really love the people who pretend to be your friend to your face and then talk about you behind your back! Tonight a couple nieghbor's of mine were talking about a post I made earlier today when I was coming back from a walk. When I got within ear shot they shut up.
Now people I don't name names in the things I post for a reason, if I have a problem with someone I talk to them in person. So if you read my post and assume it's about you when you read it that's on you. If you want to talk behind my back have the decency to do it in front of me. I'm not the stupid little bitch that will do whatever someone tells me to. I don't talk shit about people unless I do it to your face.
It's because of people who assume shit I stay in my apartment, I take walks, go to the YMCA, and talk to very few people if any in my apartment building. It's because of people who assume shit I got pissed off and did stupid things to get in trouble. I now tend to walk away the bull shit that used to piss me off in the past.

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