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2020-06-04 03:07:49 (UTC)

First Day was a success

My first day on the job went really well. Everyone... Well, mostly everyone greeted me and said their name. Ms. Kim had me working on the back hole and instead of one person back their. They have two person working. I took the order and the other girl that I don't know the name of because I didn't ask her what her name was collected the money. Their was this one girl before them Adrian who seemed really cool to talk to and I got along with her great but she had to get off at five and then another girl trained me for a while. She was okay to talk to but seems a bit to messy for me. I need to stay away from girls like her. Then, their was the last girl she was alright I guess. But Adrian was the only one who really showed me and is really cool to talk to. She told me how she worked at another Mcdonald's and transferred and been working for 3 years straight.

I saw this cute guy at work that I like. He has dreds and is brownskin but the sad thing is I saw him get in a car with some girl but it was only for a short period of time then he came back into work. So, I won't even try and attempt on talking to him you know because he has a girlfriend. I think.

They let me have my 45 minute lunch break in the break room in the back because the front was closed because of the coronavirus and all. I got my first free meal and didn't even have to pay or nothing. They were down on the icecream machine so I couldn't get my oreo icecream and they only had strawberry apple pie which I don't like so I just said fuck it I'll be fine without eating sweets.

This one dude got in trouble for arguing with this guy name Stacy I'm guessing is what everyone calls him but his real name is Will. He's gay. I could tell by the sound of his voice. Not hating. I got an uncle who's gay. Stacy had me cleaning the microwaves and part of the icecream machine where you put the toppings on their. So, basically it wasn't the icecream machine. He did that part.

She let me off early after I swept, mopped up the front floor and wipe down the counter tops because she already had enough people as is. I clocked out. I was happy and relieved to go.

Also, guess who apologized for what he said yesterday... Al about how he wasn't ready for a relationship but kept leading me on and was saying how if, he loved me or not he said he did and still do and would like to start over and blah, blah, blah because he wouldn't want to see me even though he's an hour away literally but I guess he's busy working at the hospital. I just said okay and whatever. I was still sad about it. He says that he cares about me. We'll see.

Fred also texted me over Meetme because I blocked him on Facebook saying he wanna see me after he goes to an interview and said he'll text me in 30 minutes. It was way past 30 minutes... More like hours and he didn't text me back yet. I knew this was gonna happen so I just rolled my eyes with the emoji and said okay. You know playing it cool. He still hasn't texted me. But fuck it. I'm not worried. Having sphagetti tonight for dinnner. Yum!

Because I'm starving.

Just needed to get all of this offf my chest.
- A

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