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2020-06-03 19:03:10 (UTC)

Aaaaah feel so much better 😎

Oh yeah!! Managed to clear out my family room enough to do my thang!! I was even able to do to sequential frog jumps before having to back up.
I had the AC running and my energy was up big time. Back is feeling better. It was bugging me this week but I made sure I was using better posture when sitting and driving so that helps. Also, I make sure I tighten my core on a lot of the workouts. I forget to do that sometimes so it's good that our coach reminds us to do so. Good combo of workouts today. Some leg, core, and shoulders. Mostly core and I need that since my core hasn't been hurting in awhile. lol. So yeah, today was a good workout. Thank goodness A/C was invented. Game changer because it's 104° F (60° C) in my garage right now. I even wore my weighted vest. It worked great. It wasn't wobbling or shifting at all. Fantastic day!! 😋 I feel like a badass again. Coach is always chatting with me (one way only as all members are muted) during class so I stay motivated.

Looks like they have our gyms set up to do isolated workout spaces. I see pics of our gyms with tape on the floor separating workout spaces. They have all the staff at the gym back to work again so they too are so much happier to be back. I'm so antsy to get back at the gym. I was worried about my Folsom gym not having enough of those taped areas for our gym peeps but it looks like there is enough room to almost meet the normal class size anyway so that's even better! Woohoo!!!

Today's workout 👅
Frog jumps.
Side lunges with dumbbells.
Snowball snow angels.
Crab walk with weights.
Squats with weights .
Iron cross with weights and making small circles.

My work is doing great. More new things to learn. Never boring. We are turning up another Equinix site in Seattle for our Azure and AWS clouds. I hear they may not be cutting our pay by 10% anymore....maybe anyway. So that's some good news. I may not have to drink 2 buck chucks after all 😋. You know, if you're gonna muck up your kidneys, may as well do it with quality wine 😂.

Ok, time to try to learn a few more jump rope tricks then I gotta get the stink off of me. I still sweat no matter how much A/C there is. A shower to relax, a light dinner, and some wine. Smile peeps. Be happy to be alive and be given a fighting chance to have a good life.

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