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2020-06-03 23:32:43 (UTC)

How Are You Going To Smile And CASUALLY Ask Someone This?!?

Yesterday afternoon outside of my work I was waiting for an uber because I missed the bus. Some guy in the drive thru yells to me, "Is your husband still alive?" In a very annoyed tone, I yelled back, "No." He said something like, "What? I didn't hear you." I yelled back, "Who even are you?" He didn't answer. I really didn't know who this person was! The even stranger thing about this is he was SMILING the whole time! What the fuck?!? Who DOES that?!? I've had people ask me how is my husband doing and I've had to break the news to them that he passed away. That's a normal way to ask!

If I hadn't been outside my work, who knows what I would have said to this DEMONIC asshole! I mean, really, what kind of person is going to smile pleasantly and ask if your significant other is STILL alive as CASUALLY as asking someone, 'How are you?'

This shit blows my mind!

I'm not trying to seek any attention, but I'm really curious as to people's thoughts on this! I mean, I want to hear as many opinions as possible. The 2 people I told at work thought it was very strange and one of them even said it was scary! Yes!