London Life
2020-06-03 09:12:22 (UTC)

The Games

While working I've been watching out of the window for several weeks, a child on the estate learning to walk. She's making slow progress but at least Granddad's now only using one hand to hold her up.

Because Jack was meeting his friend for lunch, we just had a coffee by the Lock. The neighbouring pub garden's got a notice saying to stop going in it during lockdown, but our one was available, though we could no longer play the game of wondering how far people walked along the other side before realising the gate was shut at the end, because it's now re-opened.

I got some ingredients from the greengrocer to make a three bean paella, which fortuitously gave me a supply of tin cans just in time for the Games. There is a lot of chat about the tournament on our WhatsApp group so I thought I'd better enter. I don't fancy doing a plank, or the putting-on-a-sock quickly, which requires balance, or the fast-duvey-cover thing, which I'm hopeless at. But I'm hoping to enter three events via video tomorrow.

We also joined a Guardian chat - which usually we could have walked over to King's Place for. It was about their investigation which uncovered the Cummings scandal and how the Government responded. Meanwhile in today's news, the UK daily coronavirus death toll is currently higher than that of the whole EU.