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me and my life
2020-06-03 19:56:36 (UTC)


Today monku not talking to me kept haunting me. I mean how can a person who goes into depression in his 2 yrs of failed relationship be all cool by not talking and almost breaking up with a gf of 4 yrs relationship??
What is it? Today my heart dint leave this topic. I am CURIOUS. I want to know why he did this or doing this? Is it a breakup from his side too?? And closure is important. I need a closure. It's my right to know and to close this relationship so that i can move ahead.
He is a nice guy and my heart still can't believe what he did. How come is he not bothered about me? Or is this what he wanted and planned. Strange.
Today but logged in tongis Amazon and found he has ordered tees, shoes, raincoat he is all shopping n cool, I maybe judgemental here. Some how he came to know and he changed the password sadden kinda hurt me coz he should have known it's me. Why was the need to change? This could have been the chance to talk but usko chahiye hi nai tho. Did he use me? Fooled me? Time passed? What was it all? Joke?? Coz it has ended like a joke. 1 month and 20 days are tooooo much man to not talk with ur gf bf.
I'll approach him soon and ask for answers and car papers and a closure as well. Because for me this was not a joke.also I miss him. I miss sharing even my potty with him. Like i pooped or not. I was wonderful for me. He did few things which no one did before for me. But also hurt me like no one.
Mom says he will be here after lock down. He would have then msg or called already. I have no hopes. Even if comes I cannot trust him. We are not kids anymore to behave so immature.
I hate you Mr v. But my heart has that soft corner for you and will always have. I miss saying Love you Monku. I wish I would have worked out. I wished you cared little for me.