Carrie notes
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2020-06-03 17:28:42 (UTC)

Shed Some Light

This may upset a few people but I have to shed some light on some things. Insecure people have messed up my life far to long. I am done with all the bull shit they have given me over the years.
1. I have been accused of wanting to sleep with their men merely because I said hi when the man said hello.
2. When they choose to sit out front of the building and talk loud and shout good bye to people I was the one they looked down on.
3. When new people moved into the building some started trouble with them and tried dragging me into the drama.
4. Many times I have went to jail when I refused to support a man who moved into my life and wanted me to support him.
5. Lost the man in my life when the nieghbor's told him I was dating someone other than him. ( As if they know anything about me or my life.)
6. People who can not run their own life try to run other people's lives.
I'm sorry but I must keep minimum contact with people until I clean up my own life. I just wish other people would take care of themselves before they judge others. So many people have judged me before they even tried to know me. That's really sad, really sad. Now I walk away from the mess and it's lonely doing the right thing.