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2020-06-03 08:46:10 (UTC)

Crazy California 🤪

Don't need to post here about how crazy the world is and how it's even here in my State of CA. My County has been good. My cars are fine. No broken windows. No riots. No protesting in my County. I don't have to pull out my firearms for protection. Nothing, nada. I hear they brought in the National guards. Last night at our capital and downtown area where there were some disturbances, it was all quiet. So it seems the rioting or vandalism has quieted down a bit and now we can maybe worry about the little things in life like a miserable death by Covid. haha, just kidding. 😱

I guess it's happening elsewhere. My Sister in the L.A. area told me they have a curfew. Well, no biggie for her as she's retired anyway. She has some aches and pains from doing housework or too much housework since she's cooped up in her home. We do small chit-chat and I had to teach and show her how Zoom works.

This morning, I still value my quiet time to start the day. I know I mention self improvement and how to be happier a lot. I just feel it's that important so yeah, I keep mentioning it. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that too. Communicate with my siblings so chatting with my Sister even though she lives far away was nice. Having a journal is healing and this is why I'm on this site. Meditate.

Working out is a big one. It's so important and people don't understand that the mood you are in can be because of what chemicals your brain decides to release. I lost the link but I read about how even stress is caused by the release of a certain chemical. I at first thought why the hell would I want to feel that? What vein or part of my body do I tie up so that I never feel that way? But alas, I'm stupid. All these feelings are needed because way back in the old times, these feelings were needed to survive. Something like that.

Nowadays, they are able to somewhat replicate those good chemicals that makes you feel so mellow into pills. I believe that's the antidepressant pills I see on the TV commercials. But reading more into it, those pills are not natural and it has as most pills do, have side effects. Not sure what the side effects are. Maybe your boob drops or your balls fall off. Dunno. lol. Just know it's not natural and the only way you can get it in the healthiest form is by working out. I say this again that I bet a lot of depressed people probably don't work out regularly. They say they have no motivation and it doesn't work for them. Well, 10 days is not a good baseline. Give it a few months and then see.

I'm not sure I should write this after the last paragraph but oh well, my shoulder, scapula, and lat muscles hurt!!! haha. We did a lot of shoulder exercises this week and I feel it now. Today is going to be the hottest day this year yet. 104° F!!! (40° C). Yipes!!! The biggest space I have iwith enough room to do everything is the garage. Maybe I'll rearrange the furniture in the family room so I can workout inside the house. I'll have to think about that one or maybe the empty bedroom might be big enough to workout? I have to come up with something because working out in the garage at 104° will kick my ass for sure. Or I'll just say screw it and do it in the garage anyway. I could lose a few pounds so I'm sure working out in that kinda heat will have me sweating big time.

Well, it's time to ge to work. It's a long walk from my bedroom to the kitchen. haha. Later peeps.