Carrie notes
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2020-06-03 04:22:54 (UTC)

My Trust Issues

I pray every day for many people and hope that they are doing well. Some think that I'm in a relationship with them, others want something from me other than friendship, then there are the people who are nice to my face and talk behind my back!
I used to lash out at the people who did me wrong. Then I turned to God, reading scriptures, and going to church when I can. This choice has lead to better choices in my life. I now go to counseling, I stay away from the people who caused a lot of trouble in my life, and I have not been in trouble with the law for awhile.
Still it gets lonely knowing I can not trust people any more. Sure I smile and say hello or how are you, but I watch and see how you act. I have been burned by many even members of my family. I hurt from all the emotional abuse I have been through.

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