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2020-06-03 04:01:55 (UTC)

I Love George "Joji" Miller

Dear God, I'm getting obsessed again. It's not very difficult to get obsessed when you're alone and lost the love of your life, but there is someone who reminds you so damn much of them that you laugh way too much at their videos, even when you're watching them on mute at work (because of the bad words - lol.) I'm talking about Filthy Frank. I know it sounds crazy, at best silly... It's just like something my husband would have done if he ever started a YouTube channel. It would have been like Filthy Frank's rants. Lol. But, credit Joji for Pink Guy - that's completely unique. Hell, he doesn't even make music I'd normally listen to - well, not the older stuff. The 3 songs I know from Nectar are fantastic. With his comedy, edginess, creativity and overall attitude... He just seems so much like my husband. I'm not a typical fangirl. I wouldn't even call it that... I'm in grief and he reminds me more of my husband than anyone. So, excuse me for feeling like I'm actually in love with him from afar. It sounds crazy, but how crazy is it, if he really is just like my husband, personality-wise? I'll probably never know for sure. If I could just meet him to tell him that his comedy and music helped me through the grief of losing my husband, that would be wonderful.

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