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2020-06-02 19:13:55 (UTC)

My Kryptonite 🥵

Oh man!!! Today's gym class was one of the hardest in awhile. It was a Tabata class today. Cute as that class sounds, it's intense high cardio. It was harder than my usual workout. In fact, I had the thought of just shutting down my dang computer. Wasn't sure what was going on. My legs were failing me today. The workouts themselves weren't with heavy weights so I didn't understand why my body felt like crap. I was tired and a little dizzy after one complete set of six stations.

We did all kinds of jumping jack variations. Front to side, classic, weighted, star jacks, and sumo jacks. Then we did high knees and burpees with weights. So every 10 high knees required one burpy all the while holding dumbbells overhead. Weighted ice skaters ( this was hurting my back), weighted russian twists, drop squats, and more dang push ups. So yeah, typical stuff we normally do. I was gettting dizzy between sets and I was struggling and didn't know why. That is until I checked with Alexa on the weather report. It's 95° F right now! No way!! I'm not good when the weather gets hot. I lose energy for some reason. Only guts and determination got me through today. Even my legs failed me. Usually I can count on them to get me through the workouts but I know for sure I was 1/2 assing it when we were doing ice skaters. I was sucking air and my lower back was killing me. I managed to do only 200 jump ropes today and that's only because I'm trying to learn some jump rope tricks. But it's too hot in the garage.

They better open the dang gym soon. I can't keep working out at or near 100° weather for long otherwise I'll pass out and my balls will come flying outta my boxer briefs soon. 🤪 That's not a scene I want anyone to see. Struggling to keep my mancard today for sure. But at least I'm liking how my legs look at the moment. It got worked over big time and my stringy strands of beef jerky muscles are looking pretty pretty good. Nice and tight. Not an ounce of fat on my legs ( I do have a gazzillion pounds on my stomach though).

Time for a shower and a little bit of whimpering from today's workout. I'll post later when I have something relevant to say or just tipsy postings.