La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-06-03 00:19:13 (UTC)

Mr. Berna .

When I was a child there was an old man who every one called Don Berna he worked for my father at our ranch. And my dad after a hard weeks work would invite all those workers to eat. Well Don Berna was our cook and man would he make the best skilets and grills. Well one of these fine days I remember we where all sitting on the patio table eating my dad at the end I next to him and Don Berna in front of me. Well I was eating my taco and he grabbed a chile in vinegar and took a big bite out of it then the juice burst out right in to my eyes making me scream bloody mary!! My father rushed over grab me tight and rushed to the fauset to wash my eyes I wouldn't stop screamming from the fire sense burning in my eyes. Well I never forgot this old man. And last year I ran in to him at the grocery store. He knew right away who I was even though he was 83 yrs old at the time . He asked me for my brothers, my mom and family it was so nice to have seen him.
Today I learned he was yet another victim of the convit. And I'm only glad that I got to see him after so many years. May he rest in peace!

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