London Life
2020-06-02 18:05:21 (UTC)

A run and a bum in the sun

I tried to phone the new girl at work for a chat, but didn't get an answer. However she attended the team daily coffee morning which I still do sometimes, so I took a screen grab of her to show Elina. She's quite pretty, with good make-up, but judging by her head-and-shoulders picture she looks a bit overweight. Jack said she'd got something to grab hold of, but Elina wasn't impressed by her figure. The new girl wrote to tell me she'd just had a call when I phoned, but we could talk tomorrow and I could "go through what I do". I didn't intend that sort of boring chat, I wanted to get to know her and have a laugh. So we'll see.

The Stables re-opened yesterday but most of the vegan places are still shut so we made do with a burger, ironically not something I ever ate before I was vegetarian. Having cleared a variety of work in the morning, I spent the afternoon trying to rebuild the Template file, as the old one refuses to save. It's really too unwieldy now with all it's pivot tables and 40,000 lines of look-up formulae. It was even too big for my personal One-Drive to transfer it.

Meanwhile, as I haven't loaded last week's new releases yet, I've been playing my favourite 50 or so tracks from 2012 and 2016, the latter now sounding rather samey.

After work we walked down to Boots at St Pancras so Jack could get something for his lip, then I did a decent-paced 5km run despite the heat, not making the mistake of starting too fast. People are always surprised I like running in hot weather.

By the canal we saw underwear revealed again; a girl aged about 20 with her legs wide apart and her feet under her bum, apparently quite willing to give a clear view to passers by of her shiny purple knickers, the same spot where another girl (or maybe the same one) was giving a blatant underwear view a few days ago. Or does she really not realise?

Earlier by the vinyl shop I'd seen a long flash of a girl's bare bum-cheeks as her tiny, light skirt fluttered up, but it was a waste as her bum was large and unsmooth, horrible to look at actually. Today very short, lightweight dresses were popular, perhaps to make the most of the sun before it cools down a bit tomorrow.

We heard a Labour Party chat live, then I did some pies and veg, and we watched a Dragon's Den, as well as a compilation episode including investments for a man who couldn't even get his egg-cooker to work, and a girl who asked Debra what a balance sheet is.

I love Jack but I'm finding it a bit monotonous spending the whole time with him in this area, I need a bit of variety. I usually chat to several groups of people in a week, and as well as all the social events, I'm now also missing some trips aeay with Jack and with running groups which should be happening about now.

The news is also getting a bit monotonous, with the Government no longer giving dispassionate, factual daily briecings, but using selective and dubious facts and re-opening schools against scientific advice. Also, they can't seem to get the new testing plan off the ground, and the 14-day quarantine plan for arrivals by plane is riddled with holes.