Experienced Life
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2020-06-02 08:23:16 (UTC)

Sheez!!! 😱

So much for hoping for a slow week. I sure don't love those meeting invites near close of business day scheduled for the next morning. I don't see them sometimes because I'm focused on trying to wrap up other projects. So sometimes I see the invite the next day and it's in a couple of hrs. No time to prep but hey, I'm going to enjoy my morning zen moment. I have 22 min to do so and I will use every min to chill. haha

We worked on shoulders and core yesterday. This morning, I'm not feeling too bad. Shoulders hurt a little but that's about it. Core got a smidge of soreness but almost not worth even mentioning. I know it's going to be Tabata day today so I need to be ready for some intense cardio.

Playing some music that is making me bob my head from left to a dumbass :) But it's all good. Gonna take more than Covid and rioting to mess with my mojo 😎

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