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me and my life
2020-06-02 07:27:03 (UTC)

Too much to handle

Sometimes it becomes too much to handle. It feels like nothing is in your favour, nothing right going to happen ever.
Mom also makes me feel miserable. She is not well still she will do everything even after making her understand, sometimes she is difficult to handle and all I feel is bad, sad, frustrated, useless, helpless and Unrespected.
I just broke up with my almost 5 yr relationship, I lost my job, I'm broke I have absolutely nothing still m managing to work it out.
Whole day m so occupied in everyone that I cannot give attention to self I can't get time to apply jobs,yoga or even do anything.
M afraid one day mom will have to pay for this carelessness towards her health, my father is biggest problem in our life. He has made our life miserable.
I'm living a life where nothing is there. M really pissed, mentally tired. I want to cry my lungs out, I want to shout and ask God why I want to be quite and alone for sometimes. But I cannot. Life, situation don't allow me.
It has become too much for me now to handle.
God pls look at me and my problems. At least give me something good.