Experienced Life
2020-06-01 21:45:04 (UTC)

All caught up 👌

I caught up with all my work. Final-leeee!!!! Busted my butt these past couple of weeks and now I finally am caught up. Hopefully I get to cruise for a bit. I do work this Saturday for 3 hrs but it'll be easy.

I''m still feeling mellow from last weekend's fun. Mostly last night actually. I did pay the price during gym though. I felt the detox while working out. The part where you hit that burn wall but keep going? Well, I usually can push it and I did once again but I was making a funky face. You know when you're pushing hard and your face is showing the strain? Usually, I don't do that but I did today. I could feel the detox coming out of me. haha.

So for today, we did some of the more creative workouts by adding some extra to the classics. We did pushup launches. I couldn't do those so I did regular pushups (barely), uppercuts while pivoting to the left and right with dumb bells, weighted squats with dumbbells held on my shoulders with a side lat bend so my elbows would touch my knees, one handed side plank twist, and Aquamans. We did those round and round for an hr. It wasn't too bad. Not cardio intensive and cardio on a Monday is brutal because you know...detox day. haha.

I was able to squeeze in another 1,000 jump ropes after class. I'm learning or trying to learn a few jump rope tricks. I'm not consistent enough on criss-crossing so I worked on getting those. So for now, I'm trying to do a criss-cross after every 5 regular jumps. Side swiping is easier and that's sorta the easiest to learn really. So left side, regular jump, then right side. That is easy. Now I'm trying to learn combos like regular jumping, side swiping, crisscross while at the same time, doing different types of footwork. I'm not bad on doing the boxer's jump. Then I tried the crooger jump. That's where you tuck it under one leg, jump over with one leg, then somehow come back without looking like a pretzel. Seems easy on youtube but I couldn't get it. I was so frustrated. Wanting too much too soon I think. Work in progress. Biggest thing though? Fun ass hobby and it's healthy to do.

So we finally got our first group camp reserved this July. We're going to Spanish Creek Campground in Plumas Lake CA. I read up on it and it's great for trout fishing. Looks like a slow wide moving creek so it'll be perfect and easy kayaking. The place looks so-so but.. it's camping so hell yeah I'm going!!

I actually have time to watch a few shows tonight on TV and turn my brain to partial mush. All good here. No rioting at work. Car was safe. Neighborhood is nice and quiet. Don't believe all the hype you read or see on media. That's it for now diary :)

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